About NTK

In 2005, NTK officially opened its doors as a General Engineering Contractor. NTK is unique in its ability to self-perform all aspects of complex construction projects.

NTK was founded on the principles of integrity and trust, and we still hold our employees to the highest ethical standards in the industry. NTK recognizes that its ability to earn the role of “trusted” hinges on its honesty in everyday actions and ability to communicate well with all members of the team.

At NTK, we attack and solve difficult problems by using creative thinking and teamwork. We are constantly striving to find new means and methods to perform tasks more efficiently, cost effectively, and safely. We are continually developing our knowledge base, and sharing that knowledge within the organization.

We know our primary asset is our people. We work with each other as a team and encourage our personnel to help one another reach their highest potential in the company. A key component of successful teamwork is effective communication among subcontractors, the clients and ourselves. In our organization, we give personal attention to creating an environment where teamwork can flourish through open, honest and timely communication.

NTK Construction, Inc. is well versed in many facets of construction. Our organization is experienced in the following areas:

  • Constructing open cut sewer lines
  • Precast and cast-in-place storm drain structures
  • Storm drain pipelines
  • Cross country and infrastructure water lines
  • Clean water and waste water plants and related facilities
  • Light rail systems including maintenance facilities, and heavy rail construction
  • Excavation and grading
  • Pump station and treatment plant facilities and structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Seismic retrofit work
  • Electrical and communication duct line facilities
  • Mechanical facilities



  • CA State License #: 851273
  • SF-CMD-SBA #: 14829
  • CUCP #: 35198