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Muni Traction Power Station E and Richmond Substations Upgrade Project
CLIENT:  San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (415.701.4278)

San Francisco, CA
Contract #:
Start Date:
November 2009
Completion Date:
March 2011
Total Contract Amount:

This project consisted of upgrading the traction power substation equipment, raceways, wiring, facility systems, ventilation system, concrete slab replacement, underground drainage system, door / hardware and partition walls in the City leased area of PG&E facility Station E located at 200 Lexington Street, upgrade power substation equipment, raceways, wiring, facility systems, ductbank replacement, concrete wall repair, stairway replacement, painting / coating and door / hardware at the Richmond Substation located at 435 8th Avenue. The project also included installation of new breaker at Balboa Substation, installation of traction power ductbank along 32nd Avenue between Balboa St. and Clement St., demolition of existing equipment enclosures at Outer Mission Substation, installation of pole mounted switches, and installation of feeder span. The project is located in the City and County of San Francisco.